Black Knight Pinball Logo Game No. 500
December, 1980
Designed by Steve Ritchie
Artwork by Tony Ramunni
Software by Larry DeMar

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  Item   Location  Type
  Black Knight Instruction Booklet   Instruction Booklet as HTML  HTM
  System 7 MPU Board Jumper Settings   MPU Board Jumpers  HTM
  System 7 MPU LED Information   What the System 7 MPU LEDs mean  HTM
  Running System 6 Games on a System 7 MPU
  (New solution including Firepower on Sys 7)
  Sys 6 Game on a Sys 7 MPU  HTM
  Running System 6 Diags on a System 7 MPU   Sys 6 Diags on a Sys 7 MPU  HTM
  Display Harness Wiring Diagram   Display Harness Diagram  PDF

Did you know there was a prototype backglass? Click link to see the differences.

Here is a gallery of James Wiser's Black Knight,
"30th Anniversary Black Knight".
You can watch his youtube video ...and download his target decals as a PDF - Thanks James, very nice.

If you want some pinball board repair information, there is a good starting guide for Williams System 3-7 boards at Mark's Pinball Pages.
Here is the link to his Black Knight page. Click on the link at the top to get to the repair guides.
This was one of the places where I first learned Williams board repair basics, and it is a excellent place to get started.
The other decent site everyone used was "Marvin's guides", which were very complete. They have since been removed from the internet.

I also recommend the PinWiki open source pinball guide, which includes pinball repair and lots of game information:

[PinWiki Repair Guides]

Here is a Black Knight 2000 pinball game which I am selling as of September 2014:

[BK2K for Sale]
Click above picture for Thumbnails. 1100 Game plays well, everything works.
I am willing to deliver and set up for that price, provided distance to London is reasonable.
Machine is available to view in SE London, UK Domestic sale only-  I will not consider shipping.
You can contact me using e m a i l :  richard (a_) firepowerpinball (do_) com.   where _ = missing t's
Also check out this sister pinball site if you haven't seen it before, amazing System 6 documentation: Firepower Pinball (do_) com

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